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How to create a Subversion repository

  1. Install Subversion.

  2. Run svn init.

  3. That tells you to run svn help, so do that.

  4. Nothing promising, but it suggests, so try that.

  5. The project moved to, so go there.

  6. Go to the FAQ.

  7. Choose “How do I create a repository? How do I import data into it?”

  8. That says read the README.

  9. The README doesn’t answer the question, but links to the book,

  10. Go to the book.

  11. Choose the multiple page HTML edition.

  12. Go to Chapter 2, Basic Usage.

  13. The first page is called Help! but doesn’t give help, only says how to use help, which I knew.

  14. The next page, “Getting Data into Your Repository” assumes you already have a repository.

  15. Okay, the next page is “Creating a Working Copy”. That’s what I want. But it assumes I have a remote copy somewhere else (because I managed to set that up despite not knowing how to initialize it) so that’s no use.

  16. The next page, “Basic Work Cycle” assumes you have a repository.

  17. Go back to the “Basic Usage” contents page and try to work out what page explains initializing a repository. Apparently none of them. Maybe basic usage doesn’t require a repository after all.

  18. Go to the full contents page and have a good look.

  19. Advanced Topics? Well, no, it isn’t advanced, is it?

  20. Branching and Merging? No.

  21. Aha! Chapter 5, “Repository Administration”, includes a page on “Creating and Configuring Your Repository”

  22. That says svnadmin create.
  23. Run svn help | grep svnadmin to confirm that I didn’t miss the reference the first time.

  24. Run svnadmin create .

  25. Add a file.

  26. Apparently I can’t add a file because “‘.’ is not a working copy”.

  27. Run svn co . and observe the unhelpful error.

  28. Run svn co $PWD and observe the unhelpful error.

  29. Run svn help co and fail to find a mention of local paths, but observe that it wants a URL.

  30. Run svn co file://$PWD

  31. Thank you, Subversion!


svnadmin create && svn co file://$PWD

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Sorry, that doesn't work. Why did I think it would work? I'm up to Chapter 6 and the warning "Do not be seduced by the simple idea of having all of your users access a repository directly via file:// URLs. Even if the repository is readily available to everyone via a network share, this is a bad idea." Yeah, imagine if that worked.

I don't have any users. If anybody else has access to my laptop, I have bigger problems than allowing unsafe access to a test Subversion repository. All I want is a basic repository to test omnivcs with.

Sorry again. The seduction did work. It makes a new folder, so do cd ${PWD##*/}

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